About Lonely Street Productions

Our Company

Lonely Street Productions creates vibrant living memories in every musical genre. Whether your first kiss was to the soft sounds of The Drifters or the twang of Johnny Cash, LSP brings those special memories center stage in every performance.

Audience members relive their milestones: the first day Dad handed you the car keys...and you cranked up the AM radio on a joyride with your friends. Prom night...when you finally worked up the nerve to ask that special someone to dance. Whether it was leaving for college or coming home from a tour of duty, those pivotal moments had a soundtrack- and Lonely Street Productions brings it back to life. 
We understand how precious those memories are, so we craft each LSP performance with care. Dynamic musical arrangements, national talent, original sets and creative costumes combine to evoke the best of yesterday...today. Let us show you how we can give your audience the time of their lives.


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Our Technology

Your audience may not know the difference between a standard PA and a full sound reinforcement system...but when the set-up enables them to enjoy every note and every nuance, there are encores and folks lining up for series tickets.

Lonely Street Productions doesn't just bring a show to your venue.  LSP brings highly trained technicians who provide the quality you'd expect at a Broadway show or a concert hall.  Whether augmenting the house equipment or being completely self-contained, sound, lighting, and scenery are part of every LSP package.  Our experienced sound engineers understand the unique sensibilities of the audience, and know the difference between volume and clarity. 

The sensory experience of any performance is only as good as the equipment and people behind it.  Rest assured you will have the best technical services in the industry when you partner with Lonely Street Productions.

About Lonely Street Productions

Lonely Street Productions is a full-scale national concert production company that specializes in dynamic family-friendly entertainment with broad appeal. The company has become known for bringing world-class, theatrical-style concerts to theaters, festivals, performing arts centers, and other prestigious venues all over the United States- with an emphasis on nostalgia and tribute performances.

Established in 2005 by Robert Shaw to handle the business end of a rapidly growing concert production company, Lonely Street has grown to encompass every facet of the entertainment world. From the creation and development of new entertainment concepts, to technical design and staging, facility management or booking, Lonely Street Productions has the resources and expertise to execute flawless events.   

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